Silver Antibacterial Odor Eliminator Deodorizing Spray - 22 oz

For thousands of years Silver has been recognized for its sterile and antibacterial properties. Using modern micron sized technology, it is now possible to utilize the antimicrobial properties of the silver ion in a variety of ways. In recent times silver ion technology has been used in bandages and in polymers for the manufacturing of laboratory and operating theater equipment.

Silver Anti-Bacterial Deodorizing Spray contains silver ion, a natural anti-bacterial with high efficacy against over 50 different organisms including microbes, mold and fungi. The technology in Silver Anti-Bacterial products allow for the silver to work over an extended period of time.

Silver destroys the outer membrane of the germ resulting in cell death.

 Silver interferes with the DNA replication process, causing the germ’s inabilities to replicate; if a germ can’t replicate, it can’t spread.

They will prevent bacterial growth on surface and continue working for several months even in high traffic areas. The slow release formula continues working long after application and ensures lasting protection against developing bacteria. Whole rooms may also be treated using our various fogging devices, and without an irritating perfume.