Silver Antibacterial Odor Eliminating Deodorizing Fogger

Clean the interior of your vehicle. Remove the cabin air filter. Run the vehicle. Set the A/C at its MAX setting. Be sure to recirculate the cabin air. Shake the can before using. Place the Fogger in the center of the cabin facing the console. Depress the Fogger spray nozzle to it`s locked position. Close the cabin making sure all the doors and windows are closed.It will take 4-5 minutes for the nonflammable propellant to empty the Fogger. Run the A/C unit for at least 10 minutes after the Fogger is empty. The A/C unit will suck the Silver Deodorizing product into the A/C unit permanently eliminating any mold and mildew odor, then the mist is circulated throughout the cabin. After 10 minutes open the doors and windows and wipe any residue with a clean damp cloth. Customer can drive the vehicle an hour after the application.